The Truth Behind Pringles

I had always tried to avoid eating processed carbohydrates, such as crisps and chips, because these particular foods claim to be made out of potato which is a very starchy “vegetable”. So I was beyond shocked when I found out that certain crisps, such as Pringles aren’t even made of potato!

The process of making these crisps starts off by a slurry of rice, bits of wheat and corn, and potato flakes which are then pressed into shape. This forms a dough-like substance which is then rolled into an ultra-thin sheet and cut into chip and cookie shapes by a machine. Then, the crisps are placed onto a conveyor belt and pressed into moulds (this is how they get the curve that makes them fit into one another). The moulds move through boiling water and are fried for a few seconds. Then they are blown dry, carelessly sprayed with powdered flavour, and hastily flipped onto a very slow-moving conveyor belt, in a way which allows them to stack. It’s off to the innocent mouth of the customers after that.

Another massive concern as to why I am quite cautious when eating crisps and chips is because of the use of Acrylamide. Acrylamide is a cancer-causing and neurotoxic chemical; it is created when carbohydrate rich foods are cooked at extremely high temperatures, whether they are baked, fried, roasted, or even toasted. Many foods that are cooked or processed above one hundred degrees Celsius have a very high chance of containing Acrylamide.

If there is a very high dietary intake of Acrylamide then there is an increased risk of Cancer. The allowable limit of Acrlamide intake is 60 micrograms, so I was completely taken aback when I found out that a six-ounce serving of chips/French Fries could contain up to five hundred times the allowable limit of Acrylamide!

And my astonishment didn’t stop there, I bet you all thought baked crisps were healthier than fried? WRONG! Baked crisps can contain up to three times the level of acrylamide as regular crisp!

Pringles are a very popular and well-loved snack, they have a thin crisp texture and come in many mouth-watering flavours. So I am very disappointed to find out that Pringles are not only cancer-causing, the amount of potato that’s is in them is so low that it isn’t classed as potato at all!


Today I made scones at school, they are very easy and simple to make so I wanted to show you how they turned out!

English Project-Informative Peice

How people get fat-Informative piece
I have recently taken an interest in the reason why people get fat. It always seemed to amaze me why some thin people eat to their heart’s desire but do not put on weight, but some overweight people ate hardly anything yet remained overweight.
“Less food and more exercise” is apparently the way to lose weight today, as it was discovered back in 1990 by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) when they thought the answer to becoming grossly obese was “sedentary behaviour and overeating.” Is this the real reason?
People are more determined to lose weight nowadays then before. In the 1980s a size 10/12 was a healthy size for many women, however, that has drastically changed over the years and a size 0/6 is considered a lot more attractive and desirable.  So people try diets, which we see advertised on TV almost all the time, such as Jenny Craig and Weightwatchers. But along with the statistics and positive reviews about these diet plans, they only work in the short term and many people end up putting their weight back on after a short period of time.
But another way that many people think helps to “lose weight” is by under eating, or eating very small portions of food. However, tests show that this type of diet only works for a few months or so, and makes you malnourished, which mean it’s not the healthiest of ways to lose weight.  Scientist Gary Taubes also mentions this in his book “Why we Get Fat and what to do about it”
However, you might be thinking exercise is the key to losing weight fast and effectively? Exercise, lose weight, prevent disease-is it all true? Well, research shows that vigorous exercise for ninety minutes a day-an hour and a half each day-will help you not to put on weight, but is not guaranteed to help you lose weight, and will probably leave you panting with exertion all day.
Paul Williams, an author of statistics at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley (California) and Peter Wood, a Stanford university researcher who has been studying the effect of exercise on health since the 1970s. Teamed up and collected information on the health, weight gain, and weight loss, on approximately thirteen thousand habitual runners. The tests and statistics showed that every year the runners tended to get fatter and put on more weight, even those who ran more than forty miles a week-eight miles a day, five days a week! William and Wood came to a conclusion, that if male runners ran two more miles than their average distance each week, females three, then perhaps they could stay lean. This is because you are burning more calories each time you run the extra two miles a week. So why is it when people exercise they tend to put on more weight? It may be because people become hungrier when they are active, so need something quick and efficient to eat…carbohydrates, e.g. bread, pasta e.t.c
Dr Atkins (a controversial American Physician) made his first appearance in the New York Times. In 1972 Atkins suggested that eating fat would not make you fat, and ‘it was all a big fat lie!’ According to Atkins, saturated fat on the meat and dairy products are not the heart of the problem. But, eating to your heart’s desire with foods such as meat and steak, and stuffing your face with eggs and butter, might be a possible solution. Atkins argued for a view which was against the current orthodoxy.  
But in order to learn how we must lose weight, shouldn’t we know how the body regulates fat? Hormones and Enzymes control our growth and development, so which hormone is responsible for regulating our fat tissue? It is a hormone called Insulin. However, simple, refined and easily digestible carbohydrates are responsible for raising the insulin level, to an extent that is not healthy, and can lead to type 2 diabetes. It is at this point at which a person is very likely to become obese.
People may believe exercise burns off fat and other processed foods in your body. But it will only burn off the sugar or food you have had beforehand. For instance, if you have been devouring carbs all day, you’ll burn the carbs off instead of the fat. Consequently, if you constantly do this, your body’s ability to metabolise fat will atrophy.
Dr. Atkins and Gary Taubes (a writer who has written a number of books on the reason why people get fat) have a very fair point. Following Atkins, Gary Taubes offers us a more explanatory, seasoned approach and argues vehemently to get his voice across about the low carb, high protein diet (that will probably be more very beneficial to us). But, this matter is still yet to be acknowledged by the modern medical community.

Are Non-Organic Apples Bad for you?

It always seemed to occur to me why organic products were better for you than non-organic products.

But, since I actually started eating organic apples, the answer became more and more clear. They may not look better but they certainly taste better, and when I researched about it I don’t think I could eat a regular apple again.
Apples are one of the many fruits that attract insects more than other fruits. The insects like to dig deep into the juicy flesh of an apple and destroy it, making it unedible for people. Therefore, non-organic apples are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals, which are a sort of insect repellent for the apples. But these toxic chemicals destroy the real goodness of the apple, even after being washed and peeled, an apple can still contain pesticides. 4 out 10 of these pesticides can cause hormone interference, cancer, and nervous-system damage. 
Also, these chemicals make an apple look shiny and more appealing to eat. This makes customers want to buy non-organic apples rather than organic ones.

I hope you understand the real cause of what the pesticides can do. And not just to apples, but any vegetable or fruit.

Chia Seed and Goji berry Muffins

I recently found out about two interesting, quirky foods that are not only healthy for you but could help you live better! One of these is a unusual seed called the Chia seed, and is traditionally used in mexican cooking. It contains high sources of protein, and Omega-3. The other secret ingrediant is a little berry called the Goji berry and is traditionally from China, otherwise called the Wolf berry and is packed full of healthy vitamins.

I have been looking for recipes including Chia seeds and Goji berries, and was also thinking about muffins on that particular day, so I thought why don’t I make Chia seed and Goji berry muffins?! In the end, the muffins turned out fantastic so i wanted to share the simple, yet delicious recipe with you which makes about 24 muffins, depending how big you make them, considering they will rise in the oven. ( I also converted the grams in tablespoons so you can choose to work with either)

You will need (ingrediants)

500g flour (33 tbs)
300g sugar (30 tbs)
12g baking powder (0.8 tbs)
1/2 tsp of Salt
2 eggs
400ml milk
220g butter, melted (14 tbs)
2 tbsp vanilla essence (optional)
1 lemon or orange zest (optional)

Equipment (roughly)

4 bowls
4 spoons
An electrical/non-electrical whisk

How to Prepare Muffins

1. Put the oven on 190 degrees or 375 faranhite, or gas mark 5.

2. Mix dry ingrediants with a whisk, these include flour, baking powder, salt and sugar.

3. Next, stir milk, melted butter, lemon/orange zest, vanilla essence, and 2 eggs.

4. Pour ingrediants together and stir briefly, then add Chia seeds and Goji berries, amount to desire.

5. Pour into cases, and place in the oven for about 10 minutes, or longer but keep checking.